The research reactor simulator is a fast and robust PC based simulator of a small pool type research reactor developed for the purpose of:

- Low power reactor, thermal power lower than 1MW
- Reactor physics with simple feedback
- For training and education
- Robust, fast, works on PC
- NOT for thermal hydraulics
- NOT for accident analyses
- Point kinetic with external source
- Six group approximation
- Fourth stage Runge-Kutta integration
- 1 millisecond time step
- Xenon poisoning
- Temperature feedback effects
- Pulse operation
- Heating of primary water
- Automatic SCRAM
- Simulation speed from 0.01x slow motion to 1000x real time
- Graphical user interface generated with the graphics card (or integrated graphics)
- 40 frames per second
- Custom elements for faster visualization
- Can run on an average computer or laptop
- Compiled for 64 bit operating systems
- OpenGL 3.3 or newer (click on your graphics card (or integrated chip) manufacturer for the latest drivers: AMD, Nvidia, Intel)
- A 64 bit Windows PC/laptop (Linux and iOS are not supported yet, 32bit windows is being depricated)
- C++ redistributable package for VS 2017 (Windows only requirement) - if you don't have it installed, you can get it HERE
- At least 400MB of RAM